A luxurious Mediterranean treatment for which a (dry) skin yearns


Under the hot Mediterranean sun and in a desolate rocky place grows a plant that is worthy substitute for the popular chamomile. Its name is immortelle, a plant of incredible strength and endurance, originating from the same family of herbs. Gold may be viewed as a luxury that not everyone can afford it, but natural cosmetics with quality and golden ingredients, based on golden immortelle flowers is something that everyone can have. We, at Immortella Mediterranean cosmetics, think that this is the way it should be, because there is no compromise when it comes to health and beauty.

The luxurious treatment based on the immortelle’s essential oil is also special because of the golden flowers from which it is made, and which never wither, even when harvested. That is why it is rightly called immortelle – immortal or eternal.

Immortelle plant has an anti-aging effect, meaning that it takes years off your face and slows down the skin aging.


Immortelle essential oil

In order to produce 1 litre of immortelle’s essential oil, 4 tons of fresh flower are needed, and only 1 drop is enough for a regenerating effect on tired or mature skin and especially dry one. Immortelle also has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect and it is good for skin repair, thus good for treating dermatitis, rosacea, pigmentation or sunburn. Its power lies in smoothing wrinkles and removing scars. In addition, it improves skin micro-circulation, stimulates collagen production, reduces bruises and hematomas.

When skin pH balance is changed, due to external or internal factors, skin’s ability of natural hydration is also changed, which especially refers to dry skin. This causes tightness, cracking, dandruff, redness, itching or premature aging of the skin. Every skin, especially dry one, loves natural ingredients, especially cold-pressed and unrefined vegetable oils, nourishing butters, plant extracts and vitamins which are all the base of the above-mentioned luxury treatment with Immortella natural cosmetics.

The best proven formula for nourishing the skin is as follows: cleansing and hydrating (with face tonic) – skin care from inside with oils or serums for deep penetration – and skin care with face creams that serve as a protective layer against external factors. This rule applies to both day and night care. Among immortelle’s essential oil, the valuable helpers in this formula include the ingredients such as jojoba oil, which is an excellent moisturizer for all skin types, argan oil, evening primrose or wild rose fruit and red algae gel that restores skin’s elasticity and stimulates collagen formation. Vitamin E is naturally found in our skin with strong antioxidant and restorative effect, while Shea butter has a universal application, suitable for hydrating all skin types, effective cell regeneration and natural protection from the sun, thanks to cinnamic acid.


Skin hydration


The face serum is intended for dry and dehydrated skin, while the face cream is more intended for normal or combination skin (although this is not the rule).

In addition, don’t forget to hydrate yourself inside, so drink enough of water every day. Invaluable tips for preventing dry skin include the following: avoid greater exposure to too hot water, strong irritants or harmful UV rays and be sure to include plenty of antioxidants in your diet.

Among its range of face products, Immortella natural cosmetics also include products for body care: Immortella body lotion, golden dry body oil and hand cream that makes the skin velvety soft with silky texture.

Therefore, give your skin a luxurious care inspired by the Mediterranean, because it is only kind of skin care it deserves.

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