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Knowing your skin type and skin condition is the most important step towards establishing effective facial care.

Combination or normal? Dry and dehydrated? Sensitive?

Do you know your skin type? Each skin type has its own characteristics. Here you will learn all about facial care according to your skin type and skin condition.

Skin is divided according to types, and additionally according to its condition. There are four basic skin types – normal, dry, oily and combination skin. Skin type is determined by genetics, but the condition of our skin is affected by various internal and external factors. Unlike skin type, skin condition can vary significantly throughout life. Many internal and external factors determine our skin condition, such as: climate, diet, medicines, stress and skin care.

Knowing your skin type and skin condition is the most important step towards establishing effective facial care. Get to know your skin and choose the best combination of products for healthy and radiant skin.

Normal skin

Normal skin has no particular problems or sensitivity. It is characterized by good blood circulation and balanced secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands. The appearance of such skin is velvety, healthy looking and with very small pores. The surface hydrolipid film preserves water and other constituents of the organism, and is able to accept both lipophilic and hydrophilic substances. Products for this skin type are intented to preserve such a normal skin condition for as long as possible.


Best products for normal skin


Dry skin

Dry skin is characterized by decreased secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands. For that reason, there is a very scarce hydrolipid layer on the surface of the skin, which also reduces the barrier function of the skin. Dry skin is taut, thin and transparent, prone to peeling, redness and early wrinkles. It is very sensitive to temperature changes, sun and wind. People with dry skin often struggle with eczema. These unpleasant signs of dryness can be soothed with proper skin care – intensive humectants that deeply hydrate the skin, nourishing emollients and occlusive agents that prevent moisture loss.


Best products for dry skin


Oily skin

Oily skin is characterized by hyperfunction of sebaceous glands. The skin is thick, with rough pores, prone to the formation of blackheads, comedogens and scales. Oily skin can be characterized by open pores through which sweat and fat are abundantly secreted so the skin surface is shiny and oily, and closed pores when fat accumulates under then skin creating comedogens and blackheads. Requires light moisturizing textures and pore cleansing products.


Best products for oily skin


Combination skin

Combination skin is a combination of two skin types: normal to dry and oily, in other words skin with irregularities. Combination skin is shiny and shows small imperfections, especially in the so-called T-zone which extends between the forehead, nose and chin. The cheek skin, on the other hand, is normal to dry. Requires adequate care and light textures.

Best products for combination skin


Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is most often a dry skin type but it can be any other skin type. It reacts more strongly to internal and external harmful effects. It is sensitive to light, chemical supstances, atmospheric changes and stress. The intensity of the reaction is stronger in places where the skin is thinner. The appearance of the skin is thin, transparent with small pores, and prone to early wrinkles. Skin care products are not selected according to skin type, but mild products with soothing and anti-inflammatory effects that strengthen the damaged protective barrier are chosen. It is necessary to avoid preparations that contain alcohol, soaps, synthetic dyes and perfumes. A simple minimalist routine with mild preparations is ideal for sensitive skin.


Best products for sensitive skin


Dry or dehydrated skin?

Do you know the difference or does your cosmetic routine makes your skin condition worse?
Dryness refers to the skin type, and dehydration refers to skin condition. Dry skin lacks lipids, and dehydrated skin lacks water!
Dehydrated skin is a skin condition and is a result of certain internal and external factors such as coldness, wind, unhealthy and unbalanced diet, excessive consumption of caffeine or alcohol and inadequate skin care. Dehydrated skin is sensitive and rough, can be prone to inflammation, can be oily and shiny, very dry or prone to redness. We recommend a healthy diet and adequate fluid intake. Agressive products that dry out the skin should be avoided in the beauty rotuine and products rich in humectants should be used.

Best products for dehydrated skin


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