The buyer is obligated to check for any damages when picking up the goods and immediately advertise to the deliverer who delivered the goods or refuse to take over the shipment if there is a visible damage.

The Buyer takes over the original packaging with a mandatory signature on the invoice verifying that the goods have been properly delivered.

For all items, the statutory deadline for complaint is valid. If the item has changed its properties within this period because of non-observance of the prescribed care and maintenance procedures, BLOOM d.o.o. does not respond to the resulting damage.

Otherwise, the product may be returned and replaced for the same or similar new item, repaired at the Seller’s expense, or refund may be made.

The buyer sends written complaints to e-mail [email protected] with description and/or photos of damages. According to the Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, Article 10, the Buyer sends his objection or complaint with the title “Webshop Complaints” and indication of the order number, account number or your username in the e-mail text. The Seller will check and resolve the complaint within a maximum of 15 days.