Immortella beauty routine of four inspiring women with different skin types

IMBEAUTY routine

Four inspiring women with different skin types – what they have in common is that they are fans of Immortella products. Whether it is normal, mixed, sensitive or dehydrated skin, each of them has found their ideal beauty routine.

Each skin is unique and requires special care. There are four basic skin types – normal, dry, combination and oily. In addition to skin type, it’s important to know the condition of the skin – dehydrated, sensitive, etc. The secret of radiant, healthy and clean skin is in the products that nourish it. A proper beauty routine will keep your skin radiant and beautiful. Once you’ve determined your skin type and condition, it’s time to set up a basic beauty routine – as complicated as it may seem, beauty routine can consist of just a few targeted products. Get to know your skin, nurture it in the best way and proudly show it off!

Immortella Mediterranean beauty natural cosmetics is inspired by the nature and beauty of the Mediterranean. All our products are handmade from the most precious ingredients and do not contain silicones, parabens, artificial colors and fragrances. We offer products intended for every skin type that will surely suit you as well.

We will present you four wonderful enterprising women who inspire us – they are confident, know their self-worth and they are following their dreams. They work in different areas, their lifestyle is different, and the most interesting thing is that each of them has a different skin type. Despite all these differences, they have one thing in common – they are loyal users of Immortella products and will be happy to reveal their IMBEAUTY routine to you.

So let’s get started 😊

-Who is Iva?

I graduated from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics where I obtained master’s degree in informatics. I work at the school as a professor of the IT group of subjects and I am also the owner of the handmade jewelry brand Bead ItOn, which I have had for a little over nine years and which is very much loved by women all over Croatia and the world. I am a volunteer and editor of digital networks of the Humanitarian Association Šegrtsko srce, which strives to provide all students of lower financial status with quality education – breakfast, books, clothes and everything they need. 😊

Lover of good food, society, nature. A creative at heart who adores animals 😊

IMBEAUTY routine - Iva
-Skin type?

Normal. I am lucky that I’ve always had grateful skin, which I’ve learned to nurture over the years and give her what she needs to stay that way.

-What do I like on my skin?

Lightweight, non-greasy ingredients.

Favorite Immortella products – IMBEAUTY routine

I adore Immortella Alcohol free facial toner because it gives me freshnes and hydration which is very important to me. After the toner i like to apply Regenerative hydrating cream in the morning routine. In the evening routine I use Overnight treatment and when I wake up in the morning my skin is nourished and smooth.

-How do I spend my free time?

In my free time I like to take a walk in the nature, especially in the woods. Also, I am a big fan of cooking so I spend a lot of time trying out new recipes 😊


-Who is Ana?

I am a journalist by profession, and for the last few years I have been working in the marketing of an IT company and running my own beauty blog. I am a big fan of photography and skin care products, I really enjoy it. I would say that I am a very simple person, I rarely follow trends and I am always in my own world. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s not so good.

IMBEAUTY routine - Ana
-Skin type?

I have combination skin prone to acne and sometimes prone to dehydration. I’ve been struggling with acne for a good part of my adult life, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I learned to accept my skin such as it is and recognize what it needs. I try to give her what she needs as much as I can.

-What do I like on my skin?

I love light products, soothing ingredients and healthy skin glow. I love multifunctional products because I realized that my skin doesn’t like it when I combine many products at the same time. If I wear make up, it is usually a natural look with minimal products. As years go by, I am more and more aware that my skin loves a simple routine of skin care and make up.

-Favorite Immortella products – IMBEAUTY routine

My top favorite is definitely Pink Oat Mask made of oats and pink clay – it doesn’t tighten the skin, and nicely cleanses the pores and removes excess sebum. In addition to the mask, I also like Alcohol free facial toner with immortelle and aloe vera and Regenerative hydrating cream with red algae and immortelle. It’s the perfect choice for my skin and current needs. 😊

-How do I spend my free time?

In my free time I like to cook. I enjoy baking cookies and that’s way I could hardly wait for this pre-Christmas time. I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I do, I try to make the most of it. 😊


-Who is Petra?

A freelancer and a photographer focused on wellness in every part of life. I love healthy food, time for myself, good outfits and fashion, skincare, daily exercise and a lot of books. 😊

IMBEAUTY routine - Petra
-Skin type?

Mixed and sensitive skin type with rosacea.

-What do I like on my skin?

Everything. Over the last few years I have really fallen in love with my skin. Although it’s not easy to maintain, I have achieved the optimal balance, found products that suit her and now we love each other despite rosacea, pores and occasional comedones. It’s all normal!

-Favorite Immortella products – IMBEAUTY routine

Alcohol free facial toner – number one in my skincare routine.

Clay scrub & mask – ideal natural clay mask (I don’t use it as an exfoliator because of sensitive skin).

Lip balm – favorite during entire year, and especially at winter.

Body lotion – for me, it’s important that it absorbs quickly, and this one disappears instantly.

Deo roll-on Fresh – since it came out it’s been my favorite deodorant.

-How do I spend my free time?

I love that no day is the same for me, and I always know how to fill my time. Sometimes by resting with a face mask, book and tea, sometimes by walking the dog, and sometimes by buzzing on the net or watching series. Just to balance. 😊


-Who is Marija?

A woman from Šibenik who decided to return from Zagreb after graduating from college and dedicate herself completely to photography and digital marketing. I enjoy wedding and food photography the most, but also creating content for brands. I am grateful that my work often takes me to the most beautiful locations and connects me with wonderful creative people. I especially appreciate being behind, not in front of the camera 😂

IMBEAUTY routine - Marija
-Skin type?

Sensitive and dehydrated skin.

-What do I like on my skin?

As few products as possible – my skincare routine is therefore simple, but effective and high quality.

-Favorite Immortella products – IMBEAUTY routine

Alcohol free facial tonerabsolutely my favorite product! I use it everyday! It’s so refreshing and light, and it has a great effect on my dehydrated skin.

Regenerative hydrating cream – I’ve been looking for a cream that doesn’t grease the sking and absorbs quickly for a long time. A huge plus for me is the immortelle, which I usually use in my face and body care.

Hand creami love this cream, I stopped counting how many bottles I’ve spent so far.

Body lotion – this is probably the only lotion which really works for me! Saves me through the whole year, and especially in winter! Again, immortelle plays a key role 😊

Deodorant cream with tea tree oilever since i included Immortella natural deodorants in my body care, I no longer separate myself from them. I also really like Deo Roll on floral!

-How do I spend my free time?

Since I don’t have too much free time, I really appreciate it and try to make the most of it. I like to watch a good series or a documentary. I am a huge fan of gastronomy, so I like to organize gatherings and try out new recipes with the team.

We hope these successful women have managed to inspire you and help you choose products that will suit your skin type. For all questions and advice, contact us at [email protected]

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