Winter skincare – what to change in the skincare routine with the arrival of colder days?

Njega kože zimi

During winter our skin is exposed to low temperatures and strong winds which moisture from the epidermis. Blood capillaries in the dermis narrow, thus are less efficient in supplying cells with oxygen and nutrients. This results in dried and irritated skin, especially on the face and hands, and it needs external help to protect and restore the barrier. Harsh winter weather can also be responsible for worsening psoriasis problems.

The cold affects the lipids in our skin – primarily a mixture of triglycerides, wax esters, fatty acids and squalene – which form a protective, moisturizing barrier located on the epidermis (stratum corneum). As a result, our protective barrier can be compromised, and needs the help of external moisturizing and occlusive skin care products such as moisturizers, regenerating serums and rich masks to prevent transepidermal water loss.


1. Use nourishing masks for glowing skin in winter

The biggest problem during winter days is the lack of hydration. Cold, wind, snow, low temperatures and even heating affect the health of our skin.

Since we do not want to remove natural oils from the surface of the skin at this time of year, it is important to choose nourishing masks. “Winter masks” do not have to be greasy and heavy to protect and nourish the skin. Overnight treatment nourishing mask is an ideal choice for winter skin care and adding lipids to your skin. Apply it in the evening as the last step of facial care before going to bed and wake up with nourished and radiant skin.

2. Use moisturizing creams and face serums

It is a natural choice in winter to turn to more nutritious moisturizing creams enriched with oils – Regenerative cream. Their nourishing emulsions are ideally tailored to protect our skin from winter weather.

Serums generally target specific problems or skin types, such as dryness, hyperpigmentation or mature skin. They provide the skin with moisturizing properties, as well with antioxidant and regenerative properties, and strengthen the barrier. Serum has a light, quickly absorbing characteristic and contains a high concentration of active ingredients. Intense repair face oil is a serum that will restore your skin, provide it with the necessary hydration and restore radiance. It is an unavoidable step in winter skin care. Just put a few drops every day, as the last step of your skin routine to make a big difference.

3. Give your lips an extra treat

Lips are especially sensitive to low temperatures, so take care of them regularly and apply natural lip balms. Vaseline acts as an occlusive protective layer in reducing moisture loss from the skin but has no value as a nourishing natural lip balm. Immortella Lip balm based on natural waxes and nourishing oils will keep your lips hydrated and smooth during the winter months. We also recommend it for all other damages and extremely dry parts of the skin. In addition, gentle exfoliate, as often as possible, to remove dead skin cells from lips.

4. Protect your hair

If you thought that hair gets damaged only in the summer from the sun, sea, salt and heat, think again. Winter brings with it a whole new level of hair care if you want to maintain a healthy shine in the colder months. Winter takes a toll on the hair with its cold winds and dry warm interiors.

Use mild shampoos to avoid stripping protective oils, and wash your hair with warm, not hot water. Additional packages and regenerating masks will strengthen and restore your hair. Almond oil is an excellent choice because it softens, strengthens and restores hair, helps with hair growth and reduces scalp problems. We bring you recipes for hair care with almond oil – Almond oil for hair

5. Wash your face and hands in lukewarm waterLosion za tijelo

During colder weather it is tempting to enjoy a really hot shower and wash your hands and face with a good stream of warm water. However, when your hands are constantly exposed to bad weather, they become dry and prone to cracking which can be very painful. Wash your face and hands with lukewarm water to avoid removal of lipids, and hydrate them immediately.

Increase overall circulation by stimulating blood flow in the skin’s capillaries with colder water at the beginning and the end of shower – occasionally with hotter water. After showering, treat your skin with Body lotion to retain moisture and stay hydrated. If you don’t like spending time in the bathroom on colder days, Dry Body Oil can simplify your body care. Apply it on wet skin, literally in the shower after washing. Your skin will be grateful and radiant.

6. Enjoy spending time in nature and outdoors

Our last tip is to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and nature. Go outside, appropriately dressed for the cold, having protected and nourished skin. It can really do wonders for your skin, even if it is just a short brisk walk. Capillaries will expand, cells will receive more oxygen, your skin will look healthier and you will feel better.


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